About Savia

SAVIA is a registered trademark created to offer Art Nature designs reproduced on a variety of high quality materials. At the very beginning it will be mainly focused on the Ecuadorian avifauna pretending to be an interactive channel to work on Nature conservation in the near future

About its creator

With Fine Arts background, under the direction of well-known University teachers, and formal studies at the U.TE., formerly I.T.E. and internship at Universidad Federal of Minas Gerais in Brazil, Lilly Sylva Fuseau had developed special skills to paint still-life and landscapes at the very beginning with her participation on collective art exhibits. Later on, with a genuine and special dedication to Nature themes since she was young, showed an special interest on birds of his home country: Ecuador.

Married to a brilliant and well-reputed ornithologist Juan Carlos Matheus, who regrettably passed away in 2008, she painted with him the hummingbird plates, and also handled the operational part of Coeligena Expeditions, a link for birdwatching tours. With her knowledge, ability and the professional guide acquired from her husband is presenting her new Art designs.